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mei-juni 2023

Mundana vzw brings the public in contact with literature, visual arts, film, music and other art forms from the Latin American continent.​

'Art(e) for Community Building' is a residency program for exchanges on Latin America and Belgium and is a stage for Latin American artists from Belgium and abroad.​

The 2023 edition of the residency program presents the muralismo collective NUMU from Ecuador.​

Artists in residence:
Jairo Mena (@anadnum)
Andrés Pérez (@pinosupay) 
Andrés Cuatin (@andrescuatinf)
Jorge Ruíz (@paint8)

Javier Perugachi (Mundana vzw)

Talk with the artist (Spanish)
‘Contextualizando el nuevo mural contemporáneo’
Moderator: Javier Perugachi
Translation from Spanish to Dutch will be provided
25 -5-2023
KU Leuven Campus Antwerp
Sint-Jacobsmarkt 49, 2000 Antwerpen

Street Art Festival
28-05-2023 to 06-6-2023​
District Merksem

Exhibition Panacea
Opening expo
Special performance of The Bracket Percussion
Mundana Antwerpen
Paardenmarkt 74, 2000 Antwepen

With the support of:
Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador, Institute for the Promotion of Creativity and Innovation of Ecuador, Embassy of Ecuador for Belgium and Luxembourg, KU Leuven, Street Art Antwerp, District Merksem, Cultureel Consulaat Antwerpen.

Panacea: Services
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