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augustus 2022

Ecuatorial: Image

Equatorial' is the title of the creative project that Ecuadorian artist Jairo Mena Herrera will execute during his stay in Belgium, this project is part of the residency program 'Art(e) for Community Building' promoted by Mundana VZW based in Antwerp.

To compose this mural, a series of objects found in various charity shops around Antwerp were gathered, none of these make reference to the history or roots of the city, since the center of interest was always to value the diversity of cultures and nationa- lities that live there; Inspired yes, in the compositions of traditio- nal Flemish painting; The mural portrays a domestic scene in which second-hand pieces coexist that at some point were part of Belgian homes, elements that account for the multiculturalism in which we imperceptibly live, accompanied daily by objects produced in different parts of the world.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador, Institute for the Promotion of Creativity and Innovation, Embassy of Ecuador for Belgium and Luxembourg and KU Leuven.

· “Remove the Skin” ·

(Water based acrylic paint, 20 x 7 mts. 2022).

Location: Constant de Jongstraat 54-52, 2170 Antwerpen


Jairo Mena (@anadnum)


Francisco Maturana


Javier Perugachi 

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