Tequila Campo Azul Reposado

Tequila Campo Azul Reposado

Tequila Camp Azul has two brand lines each with their own philosophy and target market.

Campo Azul Seria Selecto is produced using artisan methods and only in small batches using selected agaves of the utmost ripeness, at the highest point of sugar concentration and with less fiber in order to obtain the fruity flavor that is characteristic of tequilas produced in Jalisco’s Highlands.

Branch: Tequila Campo Azul

Category: Premium Tequila

Age class: Tequila - Reposado (Aged)

Agave Region: Jalisco Highlands - Jesús MaríaAgave

Type: Tequilana Blue Weber

Distillation: Double Distilled

Barrel Type: American White Oak - New

Resting Period: 7-9 Months

NOM: 1416

Distillery Name: Productos Finos de Agave

Alc/Vol: 38% / 70cl


Tasting Notes

Matured eight months in American White Oak barrels that deliver a bright gold colour, fruity aroma and a generous body that reflects its quality.

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