Raicilla Alicantes Pintos

Raicilla Alicantes Pintos

Raicilla Alicantes is made of 11 years old 100% bio Agave Rhodacantha. It is a type of Mezcal from the state of Jalisco made of a special type of yellow agave growing in the coastal area. A pre-Hispanic production process is followed and distilled in alembics, the traditional clay pots.
Raicilla literally means “drink from roots”. During the colonial period, distillation was banned, and the locals called it under a different name to hide the fact that it was a kind of mezcal.
A market and a tradition began in this region because of the rules that tried to ban their consumption. This is true of all indigenous spirits of that time.

Due to its illegal origin, it is called Mexican Moonshine.

It is known that the Huichole tribes (an indigenous culture from southern Mexico) produced Raicilla thousands of years ago in the Sierra Madre Occidental, north of Jalisco, south of Nayarit and neighboring communities.

The agave from which it is made grows on the Pacific coast of Mexico, so it can only be found in certain areas so that it can be different from other mezcal.
There are currently 20 recognized Raicilla brands at CMPR (Mexican Raicilla Producers Committee).




Raicilla Alicantes Pintos



Age class:

Raicilla Joven

Agave Region:

Jalisco Coast- Chacala

Agave Type:

Rhodacantha Trel


Double Distilled

Barrel Type:

Not Rested

Resting Period:



Not Applicable

Distillery Name:

Not Applicable


40% / 70cl


Tasting Notes

Platinum, with green flashes.

Great silk texture and long pronounced legs.

Complex sweet roasted honey notes, earth and clay, acid notes of fruits and a remarkable notes of ash with cinnamon.

Soft and smooth with rich sweet ash hints, balanced with warm hints of herbs and minerals.

Sweet mouth feel, and a long endless herbal finish with subtle notes of sweet ash and as they fade.


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