Equatorial' is the title of the creative project that Ecuadorian artist Jairo Mena Herrera will execute during his stay in Belgium, this project is part of the residency program 'Art(e) for Community Building' promoted by Mundana VZW based in Antwerp, directed by cultural manager Javier Perugachi and journalist Lisa Couderé. The month-long residency includes the production of a public mural, exhibition and a conference on the artist's creative process and his vision of the new Ecuadorian mural.

Mural: 15 August to 20 August 

Location: Constant de Jongstraat 54-52, 2170 Antwerpen

Opening Exhibition: 8 September


Mundana vzw: Paardenmarkt 74, 2000 Antwerpen

Conference (Spanish)


Mundana vzw: Paardenmarkt 74, 2000 Antwerpen

Info: info@mundana.be

Equatorial' is supported by the Embassy of Ecuador for Belgium and Luxembourg, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador, the Institute for the Promotion of Creativity and Innovation of Ecuador, Éxodocs, KU Leuven, Street Art Antwerpen and Andean Agave.