Join our project in Mundana with artist Sadrie. In the 3 sessions workshop you will experiment with different stamping techniques while Sadrie navigates the subject of IDENTITY through imagery.


The voices of poets — also known as sirens or sorcerers — will guide us throughout a series of workshops. Clarice Lispector, Violeta Parra, Marosa di Giorgio and others. We let ourselves be inspired by their words to reflect on identity, migration and diversity. Each workshop is an encounter of poetry (focused on Latin America) and visual arts.

We will translate our stories into images while exploring analogue techniques of painting and printmaking. By the end of this series of 3 workshops, the output of the participants will be presented in an exhibition at Mundana.

Saturday 4/6

10 AM - 13 PM

    • Personal Symbols/ Collective Patterns — Introduction to Stamps

In the first workshop we will get to know each other through personal stories and symbols. Each participant will first create individual stamps to then proceed to create patterns together. What are the many possibilities of combining our different symbologies in a collective pattern?

Saturday 18/6

10 AM - 13 PM

    • Dictionary of Silhouettes — Papercuts and Monotypes

Speaking different languages means constantly translating affections. Here we aim to interpret the untranslatable in poetry and personal stories. How can we translate this into an image? We will play with intuitive techniques of printmaking and papercutting.

Saturday 25/6

10 AM - 13 PM

    • The Siren's Voices — Illustrating Poetry

An introduction to bister, a natural pigment that is very similar to watercolor. In this last workshop, we will take a step further in joining words and images. The methods we have learned in the last workshops will be used here to create more complex compositions.

Exhibition opening: 2 July 2022

Cost: 15 euro

Places are limited. Inscription is required.

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Instagram: @_sadrie